Policy on Combating Domestic Violence



This policy is developed to raise awareness about “Domestic Violence” among the employees of Cimsa Çimento Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. and Afyon Çimento T.A.$ and to provide an equal and safe work environment showing zero tolerance towards all kinds of violence where those employees subjected to domestic violence can talk safely and in confidence and receive support and help.

In order to support women’s participation in the economy, Çimsa has signed the Women Empowerment Principles issued by United Nations Global Compact in 2015. As a company that has signed Women empowerment Principles, Çimsa is contributing to the increase in the awareness of social gender equality in the cement sector which has a small number of women employees. In 2018 by becoming a member of the Yanındayiz Derneği (We Are There for You Association), it has added another one to its efforts for Social Gender Equality.


This policy covers the employees of Çimsa Çimento Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. and Afyon Çimento T.A.§. (hereafter referred to as Çimsa).


The responsibility of the update of the rules and principles in this policy according to needs and obtaining relevant approvals rests with Human Resources. The vice president of Human Resources is authorized for the approval and revision of the policy.


Violence : All types of physical, sexual, psychological, verbal or economic actions and behaviors that occur in society, in public, in cyber-environments (control, threat, and stalking that are mostly performed through e-mails, text messages, phone messages, etc.) or in private, that include actions leading to or with the potential to lead physical, sexual, psychological or economic harm and suffering to the person, and threats, oppression or arbitrary restriction of personal freedom related thereto.

Domestic Violence : means all kinds of physical, sexual, psychological, economic and cyber violence In a house or household or among other persons who are regarded as members of the house. Domestic violence Is the violence between persons in close relation with one another. The violence in question can be between persons in close relation such as; the members of a house, divorced or separated couples, married or unmarried couples living together or engaged couples. Living in the same house is not essential for domestic violence.

Victim : is the person subjected to violent behavior in close relationships.

Perpetrator : Is the person who exerts violent behavior in close relationships.

Physical Violence : is acts of violence that cause bodily harm to the victim.

Violent acts such as shoving, raising a hand as if to hit, slapping or kicking, threatening or assaulting with sharp/piercing objects, torture, causing the victim to live in unsanitary conditions, and preventing victim’s access to medical services are all considered physical violence. One of the most common forms of physical violence is women suffering from violence perpetrated by their current, separated or divorced husband, or their relatives. Since physical violence may not always leave visual evidence or cause apparent injury, it may take time to recognize.

Psychologlcal Violence : Ali types of violent behavior or attitudes which exert emotional pressure on the individual and cause psychological harm are considered physical violence. Shouting, profanity, threats, insults, belittling, controlling an Individual’s relationships or appearance based on claims of jealousy, or prohibiting an individual from leaving the house or developing themselves are behaviors included in the psychological violence acts.

Sexual Violence : Sexual violence is forcing an individual to sexual intercourse in times, places or ways that the individual does not consent to, even If the parties are married. Messages or actions of a sexual or disturbing nature conveyed verbally, in writing or by electronic means (telephone, internet or letters, etc.) are considered sexual violence.

Economic Violence : is acts of the perpetrator that systematically restrict or oppress the victim regarding their economic decisions and actions. Controlling or taking away the income of the victim, harming or taking possession of the belongings or properties of the victim are types of economic violence.

Cyber Violence : is the acts of controlling, threatening and tracking mostly via e-mail, text messages, telephone messages, etc.


As it processes the issues of performance and security of the victim, Çimsa endeavors to consider all aspects of the matter and evaluates all reasonable alteratives in order to help.

Çimsa does not discriminate against victims of domestic violence in terms of employment, recruitment or other clauses and conditions or employee privileges. In cases of support requests for domestic violence, Çimsa offers its employees counseling and support from Non-Govemmental Organizations. In all support requests for domestic violence, while the rights of the victimized employee are protected, the relevant procedure Is carried out by respecting the confidentiality of both the victim and the employees under risk. The information given is by no means disclosed to third parties. Only when necessary for the security of the victim or the employer, with the permission of the employee, information can be given to Human Resources and/or relevant official institutions.

An employee requesting support provided by Çimsa due to their victimization is not required to prove their victimization; their statement suffices. In the case of a false statement, the employee will be evaluated by the Disciplinary Committee within the framework of the Disciplinary Policy.

The channels through which the employees may consult in case of domestic violence are listed below and are open to all employees.

Support channels outside the company:

Alo 183: Repubiic of Turkey Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services

Communication Center

Alo 155: Police Help Line

Alo 156: Gendarmerie Help Line

Alo 112: Emergency Ambulance Line

Alo 144: Social Support Line

Turkish Federation of Women Associations: 0212 656 96 96

Alo Gelincik Line: 444 43 06

KAHDEM- Centre for Legal Support for Women Association

Support channels within the company:

First Manager

HR Business Associates

Vice President of Human Resources

Sources to obtain Information on domestic violence: Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against

Women and Domestic Violence

Guidebook to the Development and implementation of Company Polices

Regarding Domestic Violence Against Women

http://www. eviclsiddet.adalet.gov.tr/Ne_Yapabllirim.html

http://www.eviclsiddet.adalet.gov.tr/SIDDETE_KARSI_BASVURULABILECEK_YERLER. html




Upon the request of its employee subjected to domestic violence Cimsa provides support in the manners listed below:

Upon the request of the employee subjected to violence, up to 3 days of paid leave Is given for the necessary physical examinations and legal actions, the arrangement of security & protection and new housing and for counseling and health care.

Regardless of the duration of employment, within the salary advance procedure, a maximum of 2 salaries advance payment is made.

Work telephone number and/or e-mail address can be changed.

If a company car is used, the car and/or its plate number can be changed.