General Use

Çimsa White Cement family is favored in over 70 countries worldwide with its high degree of whiteness, stability and high strength. The product offers a unique advantage to our customers with its optimum recipe design. It is used in the production of construction chemicals, precast production, glass fiber reinforced concrete, pumice concrete, aerated concrete, terrazzo tiles and exposed concrete.


Nona is a self-cleaning product that can clean itself and its environment thanks to the nano elements in its special structure. The product turns the harmful compounds such as NOx and SOx into salt in the structure of the application, and cleans the air and itself when it rains. Nona is favored particularly in precast applications, siding and exterior rendering. Its features of whiteness, strength and stability makes it a widely-applicable product.


There are many technical and aesthetic advantages in using white cement in precast applications. High early strength, alkali-silica reaction resistance and short demolding time are significant technical advantages. White cement also provides an aesthetic appearance. Therefore, it is preferred in precast productions. Using white cement in precast applications is decorative and durable, and offers a wide range of color options to the users, as it can be produced in various colors.

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