Human Resources

Individual Performance Management System

We support the personal development process of our employees with objectives and competencies designed in compliance with company strategies and management principles.

At Çimsa, the goals for the company and the executive management are determined at the beginning of each year; and then, a performance management process consisting of position-specific competencies and work goals are determined for our white-collar employees. Therefore, our performance management was designed as a holistic process to consider individual performance, work and competence goals altogether. 

On the other hand, our blue-collar employees are evaluated at the end of the year by their managers through the system according to their personal knowledge, skills and competencies. We expect our employees to contribute to the process actively throughout all these stages, and we share the results with our employees transparently.

Thanks to our individual performance management system, we conduct an objective evaluation of our employees, while we also contribute to the organizational climate, mutual trust and internal communication through employee-manager meetings. In order to support our continuous feedback culture, we use a year-round open live system that allows us to revise our goal in line with the requirements. Hence, we raise awareness of our employees on their goals as well as the company goals, while we support continuous development. Our performance management system also contributes to remuneration, talent management, development and training processes of human resources.


Union and Industrial Relations

We employ both white-collar (non-union) employees and blue-collar (union) employees in our company. Çimsa is a member of the Cement Industry Employers’ Association (ÇEİS), and our blue-collar employees are members of the ÇİMSE-İŞ union. Therefore, it matters for our company that blue-collar employee relations are managed by a union, particularly in the factories.

Effective communication with workplace union representatives and site teams is very important to our company, because we believe that human resources approaches towards blue-collar employees can only be carried out via successful union relations.

We also attach great significance to the employees of our subcontractors, which have a high employment opportunity in our sector, as per the industrial relations.

We also follow up the employment contracts of our white-collar (non-union) employees and the implementation of company-wide practices in accordance with the legislation as per the industrial relations.

Remuneration and Reward Management

At Çimsa, we have a remuneration and fringe benefits policy that supports a competitive, egalitarian and high performance culture. We consider our total reward management as a combination of remuneration and fringe benefits management and rewarding processes. We shape the wage and fringe benefits structure based on rank and title and position ourselves as per the objective ranking structure. This structure enables us to make job evaluations and determine position ranks by taking into account the job description of each position and its place in the organization. While determining the remuneration and fringe benefits policies, we consider market data, internal balances and company goals for each rank and title structure.

The rewarding process enables us to reward our employees, who have achieved significant success in terms of work outcomes or projects in the company, after going through certain approval mechanisms throughout the year, and to increase their motivation.

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Çimsa Store

In 2015, we launched our Flexible Fringe Benefits Program in order to respond to the varying needs of our employees according to the varying working conditions and to provide options. Thanks to the Çimsa Store, our Flexible Fringe Benefits application, we offer our employees the opportunity to change their existing fringe benefits and to purchase new fringe benefits in accordance with the specified rules. 

The Çimsa Store, a flexible fringe benefits program, is open for our employees in January every year for them to sell their leave entitlements that are over the legal period, some or all of the remaining account in their meal cards, and/or switch their health insurance plans to a lower plan to get gift vouchers they may like for clothes, cosmetics, food, retail, etc. if they like.

Rewarding and Recommendations System

We reward our employees by considering their exemplary behaviors, their contributions to the Company and the values they create. 

Çimsa employees can convey their creative ideas, opinions, improvement and development recommendations in writing via e-mail or the system. The recommendations can include all operational fields of the Company, mainly OHS, quality, maintenance, production and environment. The program can be participated in by all employees; ideas are evaluated monthly and included in the implementation process. 

We score the positive ideas of all Çimsa employees as well as the employees who share their recommendations in line with specified criteria and reward them with digital gift vouchers. The rewards can include digital gift vouchers, food, clothes, technology, e-commerce, fuel, etc.

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