General Use

Çimsa contributes greatly to the production of earthquake resistant structures with its manageable production, quality and application processes, and brings several conveniences to the sector thanks to its technological infrastructure.

Environmentally Friendly Concrete

The sustainable concrete products of Çimsa, which contain the Portland-Limestone, Portland Slag Cement or blast furnace slag/fly ash components, protect the environment through energy efficiency and reduced waste generation by using recycled raw materials. Compared to concrete that only contains the Portland cement, the product is a more durable, long-lasting, quality-assured, sustainable concrete that is more resistant to physical and harmful chemical effects. Thanks to its low heat of hydration, the potential for shrinkage and cracking is low. The product is produced in accordance with TS EN 206 and TS 13515 standards; and, it is easy to use and compact. The product offers concrete solutions with higher durability in buildings, building foundations, industrial grounds, concrete roads, port structures and engineering structures such as bridges, viaducts, etc. as well as infrastructure constructions.


Produced by using macro synthetic or steel fibers, these are special concrete products of Çimsa with high bearing capacities against structural loads and effective cracking control in concrete. Homogeneously dispersed in the concrete, these products offer the desired concrete appearance and strength with minimum labor and cost during and after casting concrete, as well as ease of application in projects. The products offer high performance in industrial ground concretes, storage areas, topping concrete, port coatings, field concretes, parking lots, concrete roads, etc.


These special concrete products are developed by Çimsa for infrastructures such as concrete roads, galleries, tunnels, slopes, etc. The products can be used in numerous transportation areas such as highways, urban and rural roads, factory roads, recreation areas, walking paths, coastal walking, cycling and jogging paths, etc. The products add an aesthetic interpretation of the landscape with decorative solutions in various living spaces.

Customized Application Areas

Çimsa also offers numerous solutions for customized project applications. Çimsa Databeton enables recording the temperature change of the concrete interior and surface temperature, so that risks can be followed and customers are informed. Resistant to harmful factors, the Visko+ product of Çimsa is a self-compacting concrete that has water impermeability.

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