Circular Economy

Waste Management, Zero Waste and Circular Economy

Our waste management approach consisting of;

  • Prevention of waste generation due to our production facilities,
  • Minimizing unavoidable wastes,
  • Reusing the waste as raw material/by-product,
  • Recycling,
  • Recovery as an energy source,
  • Disposal in the final stage,

we become a part of the solution in our facilities -during the implementation phase- and with our licenses for the use of waste.
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We use systems that comply with the zero waste principles in our facilities, and we carry out projects to prevent and reduce waste generation. We keep our own internal dynamics under control and contribute to our waste reduction targets. We support our development areas regarding the Basic Level Zero Waste Certificate that all our facilities have; hence, we carry our targets to a higher level.

Our goal to contribute to the circular economy also represents a tremendous business model in its own right. Our understanding of being a solution partner for sustainable cities and living spaces, which is included in our sustainability strategy, aims to reuse the concrete wastes generated during the life cycle of our products, evaluate alternative raw materials and by-products from other industries, and use domestic and industrial waste resources that we can provide energy recovery.