Human Resources

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Recruitment Processes

The main qualifications we look for in candidates during our recruitment processes are the desire to succeed, the ability to excel at teamwork and being customer oriented. Moreover, our criteria for foreign language proficiency, period of experience and educational background may vary according to the position.

During our recruitment process, which we carry out by adopting an objective and systematic perspective, we have the goal to question the knowledge, skills and competencies of our candidates and to ensure that they are placed in the right departments in line with their qualifications. In order to find out the right candidate for the right position, we consider the below-mentioned evaluation tools in accordance with the requirements of the position:

  • Competency-Based Interview
  • Personality and Mental Skills Inventory
  • Foreign Language Proficiency Exam
  • Evaluation Center Applications

As a result of all these evaluations, we initiate the recruitment process for the suitable candidates.

Young Engineers

We launched the Young Engineers program in 2021 to train the future engineers of Çimsa. We design the entire schedule online, taking into account the requirements of today’s world. We hold video, telephone and face-to-face interviews with the candidates during the pre-evaluation process; and then, during the final stage, we invite them to our evaluation center.

Our goal with the Young Engineers Program is to train the executive candidates, who would like to have a long-term career plan in the cement industry and who carry the values of Çimsa, as a talent as part of the Future of Work activities.

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University Collaborations

At Çimsa, we attach great significance to collaborating with universities in line with our goal to bring a highly qualified workforce to the industry. Furthermore, we enhance university and industry relations and as part of the projects carried out in the company, we have ongoing collaborations with numerous universities in Turkey in order to get academic consultancy and training. 

Every year, we accept a certain number of high school and university students who have their internships in our company in order to contribute to the education of the qualified workforce required by our company and to support the students during their mandatory internship periods.