Our Zero Occupational Accident Journey

Occupational health and safety (OHS) is one of our material issues as per our culture of care that defines who we are. We put all our efforts to create a safe and healthy working environment thanks to our roadmap to achieve our goal of zero work accident.

Combining our behavioral transformation-oriented business plans with our proactive perspective on the management of OHS risks, we implement these plans with the engagement of all our stakeholders who have the potential to be affected by our activities.

Accident Frequency Rate and Target

We continue to progress as part of the main themes we have planned in the Çimsa Cares program roadmap, which we launched in 2019 with a particular focus on our employees. Focusing on the behaviors of our employees through the culture of care, we are taking their business conduct and OHS perspectives forward day by day.

The core elements of the program are increasing the dialogue within the organization, ensuring the transformation of the culture of care, improving the approach of our employees to each other and the sense of caring for each other.

Çimsa Cares enables us to include international tools in our standards in order to manage behaviors more systematically. Our goal is to raise risk awareness with Stop-Evaluate-Adjust (SEA) before starting to work, nurture continuous development with Observation-Impact-Listen-Suggestion (OILS), understand the real reasons behind behaviors and conduct healthier root cause analysis with Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence (ABS) and Iceberg, and strengthen on-site observation and dialogue with Gemba.

Çimsa Cares program, in which individuals protect not only themselves but also each other, and which includes subcontractors, contractors, suppliers, visitors and customers, continues to touch our employees via various training contents.

Our training activities that contribute to the OHS developments of the employees of Çimsa and our subcontractors continue online, as well as face-to-face in line with the rules defined for the pandemic with the subjects we have defined as part of our OHS roadmap.

Gemba and site inspection practices that we developed to keep close contact with our site employees and to observe their behaviors in line with our zero occupational accident goals also promote a positive communication culture. We record the observations regarding the Çimsa Cares culture through digital platforms during the Gemba and site inspections carried out in line with the annual plans issued. 

What is Gemba?

It is a lean attitude that expresses walking on the field of operation, observing what is going on at the site and listening to what is going on at first hand. Gemba Walk denote the action of going to see the actual process, understand the work, ask questions, and learn.

The Contractor Management System covers the entire process, including the selection, approval, acceptance of the work site, execution of the work and performance evaluation of our subcontractors, contractors and suppliers appointed in our operational cycle.

We explain our rules and methods regarding risk management to our business partners by adapting the "Occupational Health and Safety Specifications", which plays a guiding role in all implementation stages beginning from the tender process, to current conditions.