Digitalization, Technology, Innovation

As Çimsa, we see digitalization, technology and innovation steps as a step towards accelerating business processes and as a leading force in realizing the requirements of the era. We make forward-looking broad-spectrum planning with roadmaps that will increase the existing infrastructure and competencies and facilitate the business processes of all our stakeholders.

Çimsa Digital Roadmap

We focus on projects which will lead to a more agile customer, employee and supplier network in the roadmap which it has determined to increase its digital maturity level from 44 points to 60 points in 2025 and 80 points in 2030.

The Human Resources Portal, planned to be established in 2022, will render Human Resources processes digital and manageable on an end-to-end basis, is also expected to contribute to employee Engagement. We plan to manage supplier processes and increase communication and cooperation through digital means with the Supplier Portal project. Many of our data-driven projects will benefit from the power of data with data analytics to improve our reporting and decision-making processes.

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  • With the autopilot systems in the rotary kiln, which we introduced at the Afyon Cement and are scheduled to be commissioned in the first quarter of 2022, we aim to provide stable and desired quality standards as well as thermal and electrical energy efficiency.
  • We constantly monitor critical equipment with smart maintenance systems and thus detect malfunctions before they occur, while providing a significant contribution to plant efficiency with smart lubrication and leakage air measurements.
  • The Çimsa Manufacturing System (CMS) software allows us to carry out field controls of production, maintenance, the environment and occupational health and safety processes with mobile vehicles.
  • Our Infrastructure and Cyber Security projects allow us to realize new infrastructure connections by providing a fast and reliable connection between the value produced by our plants with each other and the world.