General Use

ISIDAÇ 40 is a Calcium Aluminate Cement that has been designed by Çimsa Formülhane for more than 20 years and produced in accordance with TS EN 14647 standard. Thanks to its superior resistance to high temperatures, unique strength characteristics, high abrasion and sulfate resistance, the product is preferred both in domestic and international markets.


Refro belongs to our calcium aluminate cement family with high stability and performance.  We have developed Refro for refractory applications utilizing our 20 years of technical expertise and in line with the feedback from our partners worldwide. Thanks to its special structure, the product has numerous advantages and is preferred as the main binder in chimneystack coatings as well as refractory implementations in glass industry, iron and steel industry, which resist high temperatures when used with suitable aggregates in line with the expectations of refractor manufacturers.

Construction Chemicals

Recipro product family is particularly designed by Çimsa Formülhane to meet the requirements of construction chemicals. Calcium aluminate cements are used in numerous areas including concrete, repair, cement-based waterproofing products, adhesives, etc. in the construction chemicals industry. The reason for the calcium aluminate cement to be preferred is its high early and ultimate strength of the product, as well as its rapid setting.

Thanks to the advantages of our Recipro product family, our customers can produce custom-made products to make a difference in their own markets.


Rego is an aggregate product obtained from calcium aluminate clinker developed by Çimsa Formülhane. The main characteristics of Rego is that the recipes can be optimized to obtain the perfect particle size distribution and that they can offer customized particle size distribution options. Rego offers maximum performance when used together with Çimsa Aluminate Family products.

Iron & Steel

Duro is a calcium aluminate flux product particularly developed for high quality steel production. 

DURO offers not only excellent chemistry with optimum oxide composition by carrying out the desulphurization in a limited time interval, but also maximum reactive phase. Thanks to its special physical and chemical structure, Duro provides efficient refining in tundish processes, which is a continuous casting process, in secondary metallurgy.