Donation and Aid Policy

Çimsa Çimento Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (Company) may provide donations and aid for, including but not limited to, persons working in the fields of education, culture, art, environment, and sports, non-governmental organizations, associations or foundations, universities, and public institutions and organizations, with a sense of corporate social responsibility, under the principles specified in the Capital Market Law and its regulations.

All donations and aid made by the decision of the company management are in consideration of the Company vision, mission, policies, and ethical principles and values. Donations and aids can be made in two ways, in cash and in kind.

The total limit of donations to be made is determined by the General Board during the accounting period. In line with the principles of its Donation and Aid Policy and principles established by the legislation to which it is subject, the Company presents all donations and aid made within each accounting period to the information of the stakeholders as a separate agenda item at the General Board Meeting of the relevant year. 

In case the donations and aid made by the Company as per the Capital Markets legislation are at least 1% or above of the last total balance sheet assets disclosed to the public or the total of donations and aids below 1% reaches at least 1% of the last total balance sheet assets disclosed to the public, a special circumstances disclosure is made.