Çimsa is one of the national brands of the Sabancı Group. We have been creating value for society, the environment and the national economy, as well shaping the future for future generations for 50 years. 

Our journey began in Mersin in 1972 and continued with success in Turkey and abroad. As a cement and building materials company, we sell our wide range of products in Turkey as well as many countries abroad. Thanks to our market-oriented approach and extensive distribution network, we closely follow the technological and scientific developments in the industry, develop innovative products and offer tailor-made solutions to meet the various requirements of our customers. 

In today’s world, where ways of doing business are changing and new economic models are emerging, we constantly develop our innovative operations that create a difference in the industry.  We continuously evaluate the opportunities created as a result of the changes in the conditions of the competition as well as in customer expectations. We invest in these opportunities for bettering living spaces and necessary infrastructure that the future generations will require. We take responsibility for the future as we do for today.



We make a difference with our flexible business model, inclusive principles and innovative employees through common values. Our goal is to improve our leading position in the industry. 

Our common values consist of transparency, trust, responsibility to people and the environment, as well as guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers and employees. 

In order to play our part in the global economy, we put efforts to achieve sustainable development and fulfill the requirements of green transformation. Our sustainability goals include carbon footprint reduction, cost optimization, energy efficiency, and environmentally-friendly products. 

Our goal is to become a global cement and building materials company that pioneers in the sector with our innovations. We constantly improve via R&D and digital transformation, with the goal of sustainability and tackling climate change.

While celebrating our 50th anniversary, we, at Çimsa, sincerely believe in our vision and promise to put all our efforts to realize it.