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Flycrete: Repairing Infrastructure with Fast and Durable Concrete

In this article on Çimsa Blog, we would like to inform you about Flycrete, Çimsa’s new innovative product. Flycrete is a special concrete product that reaches high strength in just a few hours and is used for fast repairs. With Flycrete, our new generation product, we offer quick solutions for the disadvantages of traditional concrete.


What is Flycrete?

Infrastructures such as airport runways, long-distance transportation routes, highways, and bridges are exposed to a constantly increasing load. The need to renovate these infrastructures is critical. High costs, as well as long maintenance and repair processes limit the use of traditional concrete. Traditional renovation work requires these areas to be closed for long periods of time, leading to high costs and disruption of operations. Flycrete combines durability, rapid hardening and excellent performance, providing an ideal solution in emergencies and disasters without the need for prolonged closure of sites.

Developed by Çimsa R&D, Formula Center, based on market needs, Flycrete offers sustainable solutions as a concrete composition developed with special cements that ensure fast repair.


What are the advantages of Flycrete?

High-performance cements are used for special purposes to resolve some problems that arise with reinforced concrete constructions. Çimsa’s specialty products are produced with a technology that has distinct advantages over ordinary Portland cement. They yield much superior results than Portland cements in the parameters of strength gain, ultimate strength, and durability. Concretes prepared with Çimsa’s specialty products are preferred in many field applications depending on their intended use and the properties they acquire due to cement.

Traffic areas need to remain operational during working hours. Renovations of these areas are therefore only possible at night and the concrete should harden as soon as possible. This is the point where Flycrete’s advantages come into play:

Rapid Hardening: Hardens much faster than traditional concrete. In as little as 3 hours, high strength can be achieved. This allows construction projects to speed up and labor costs to decrease.

Durability: Flycrete is known for its high durability. Especially when it comes to the repair of airport runways, it allows the runways to be opened and ready for air traffic in only a few hours. It is resistant to both abrasion and cracks.

Eco-friendly: The special cements used in the design of Flycrete are produced with less energy and resources, which reduces the negative impacts on the environment.

Flexibility: Concrete designs prepared with Flycrete can be customized for different applications and projects.


What are the uses of Flycrete?

Flycrete has a wide range of uses and can be applied in many industries as it offers a variety of advantages:

Emergency repairs: Fast repairs are needed after earthquakes, floods, and other disasters.  Flycrete offers ideal solutions in emergencies.

Construction Industry: An excellent option for construction projects requiring high strength and rapid hardening. Preferred for airports, bridges, viaducts, long road repairs, and buildings.

Infrastructure Projects: It offers abrasion-resistant and sustainable performance in infrastructure projects such as sewage systems, water treatment plants, water channels, and mines.

Industrial Applications: Ideal solution for heavily loaded storage areas, industrial floors, and factories.

Flycrete is a revolution in the construction industry and pushes the boundaries of traditional concrete, offering a more durable, fast, eco-friendly, and sustainable alternative.


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