What is White Concrete? Where to Use?


The key property of white concrete that differentiates it from gray concrete is its white color. The whiteness of concrete comes from the color and purity of raw materials it contains. Therefore, the source, shape, purity, and color of raw materials used in white concrete affect its whiteness degree. In addition to providing aesthetic and […]

White Cement and Pumice Manufacture


White cement has high strength characteristics with its high bond strength and adhesion strength in addition to being aesthetic.  High early strength property of white cement helps to increase the manufacturing speed as well. This also reduces formwork removal time. It also provides quite high levels of dosage advantage thanks to its final strength higher […]

Glass Fiber Concrete Additive: Alkali-Resistant Glass Fiber-Reinforced Concrete


By nature, concrete exhibits low tensile strength, brittleness, unstable crack propagation, low breaking strength, and inadequate ductility. These shortcomings are generally eliminated through conventional reinforcement or pre-strain applications in reinforced concrete structures without having improvement in the properties specific to concrete. Alternatively, it was found that strength and ductility of concrete are increased by including […]

How Does Calcium Aluminate Cement Age?


Calcium aluminate cements differ from Portland cements (OPC) in terms of both mineralogical and physical characteristics. The raw materials for Portland cement are primarily sourced from clay and limestone, so the primary oxides are CaO and SiO2. Calcium aluminate cement, on the other hand, is rich in alumina because the source of the raw material […]