ÇİMSA RESISTANT SR Sulfate-resisting Portland Cement

Çimsa Sulfate-resisting Cement ensures that the concrete is more resistant to the sulfate effect when exposed to sulfate from groundwater, seawater or other sources. CEM I SR5 42.5 R cement provides high early strength and is ideal for use in subway tunnels, prefabricated element applications to reduce demolding times. The rapid reaction time provides more heat, which can be advantageous in cold weather conditions. Ready-mix concrete can be used in various applications including the construction of tunnel sections, shotcrete, repair mortars, ready-to-use mix products and prefabricated building elements such as beams, panels, etc.
Technical Data Sheets
Safety Data Sheets
Resistant to Sulfate Attack
High Durability
Sülfata Dayanıklı Portland Çimento
Rapid Production
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