Çimsa Master Power – Mineral Additive Cement

Çimsa Master Power Mineral Additive Cement meets the expectations for special applications such as wall plaster, leveling screed, tile, and ceramic adhesive. It reduces the risk of cracking with its low hydration heat due to the inclusion of fine fillers. It is safe against cracking in screed concretes due to its low shrinkage property, and it is also resistant to moisture in exterior plaster. It is a CEM IV/B 32.5 class cement that contains natural pozzolans/limestone in the range of 36-55%. It is a sustainable product that protects the environment through the use of recycled content, reduced waste, and improved energy efficiency.
Technical Data Sheets
Safety Data Sheets
Low Carbon Footprint
Helps Prevent Crack Formation
Portland Kalkerli Çimento
Helps Prevent Efflorescence
Portland Kalkerli Çimento