Çimsa, a global pioneer in white cement, came together with the world’s leading cement brands at the World of Concrete 2019


Çimsa attended the World of Concrete 2019 Fair, to present its innovative product portfolio developed specifically for the American market. The premier event hosted more than 1.500 exhibiting companies and 58.000 registered industry professionals, where Çimsa’s white cement products attracted particular attention from the attendees.

Çimsa, a global pioneer in the white cement, attended the World of Concrete 2019 Fair and introduced Çimsa Aluminates, Çimsa Super White and its other innovative solutions. Çimsa introduced Super White, Super White Slow, Crafta N, Crafta S, Recipro 40, Recipro 40+, Recipro 50 and Rego products in the Fair. Çimsa gathered all of its products under “The Name of the Formula” in 2016.

Çimsa’s General Manager Ülkü Özcan stated “We are an active pioneer in the cement sector for more than 46 years. Around the scope of our wide product range, sustainable strategy and with our global and innovative solutions we position ourselves as the “cement company of the future”. We are capable of meeting our high quality and high value-added products quickly with our worldwide business partners. Other than producing and exporting our products in Turkey, we are capable of providing any of our products at any time to our customers from a total of 7 terminals. In the markets where we do not have a terminal configuration, we provide our products with the most efficient logistic channels in a complete and timely manner.”

Çimsa products are used globally for the constructions of the future

Özcan stated that “We are one of the world’s biggest cement manufacturer and we manufacture in 5 different plantss in Turkey. In the last 5 years, we have invested over 350 million USD in our plants and technologies in Turkey, tripling our production capacity to 1.5 million tons of clinker production annually. We are also very proud to announce that our investments in the recent creation of the Çimsa Americas Cement Manufacturing and Sales Corp. continue. Our company will launch at the end of April and we will be able to address our products directly to our clients. As Çimsa, we are exporting white cement and special products to more than 65 countries in Middle East, Europe, Northern Africa and US and we make sure our clients’ specific product expectations and demands are fulfilled.”

Çimsa continues to grow with its innovative solutions

Ülkü Özcan added “R&D is the key to the success in this sector. In order to sustain our growth globally our aim is to keep up with the technology and be a part of innovative solutions. With this foresight, we established Cement Research and Application Center, named The Formula Center, which was registered with the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. In The Formula Center we continue our efforts to develop the newest and most useful products that will meet the needs and expectations of the markets in which we operate. Çimsa will continue to work with its business partners in the US with their effective logistics network and strong R&D competence in white cement and special products abroad.”

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