Çimsa Climate Change Strategy

As an international cement manufacturer, our vision is to become the leader company in evaluating the impact of climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Our company's main goal in its battle with climate change is integrating the company's goals strategy with its climate change policy, ensuring all stakeholders' involvement in the process; researching new solutions to find ways of reducing specific energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and taking necessary measures in that respect.

Our strategy is;

To calculate greenhouse gas emissions per year in accordance with our greenhouse gas inventories, setting new goals for future projections and to develop solutions to reduce emissions.

Our goal;

Based on the 2015 data, reducing the CO2 ratio for every ton unit of clinker to % 1,95 in 2025.

In order to reach this goal we will;

  • Follow up on energy efficiency measurements and monitor manufacturing processes
  • Improve process efficiency,
  • Increase cement additive  ratio,
  • Use alternative energy sources.
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