Çimsa Waste Policy


Cement industry, by its nature of processing, is always  energy and material intensive sector. Fossil fuels and natural raw materials have been  used to make  clinker, which is the semi-manufactured state of cement. Çimsa, adopting an environmentalist approach in cement manufacturing, aims to use alternative fuels and alternative materials at a maximum, while keeping an eye on financial and social factors.


Principle I

Our goal is to offer waste-management solutions and become a solution partner, through usage of  waste.


a) In cooperation with local authorities and local managements, we will improve the economic and social aspects of our waste-management.

b) In case of need, we will search for ways to get disposed of waste that is produced by local authorities, in our cement plants.

Principle II

Our goal is to promote environment cleanliness, through the usage  of waste.


a) Our goal is to reduce the usage of primary  fuels and natural raw materials and contribute to the protection of natural resources while minimizing environmental impact .

Principle III

Our goal is to add value to our main activities through the usage of of waste.


a) In order to accomplish our sustainability goals, we will use alternative fuels and alternative raw materials.

b) We will reduce costs by replacing fossil fuels and raw materials with alternative fuels and alternative raw materials while serving our clients in waste disposal.



Principle IV

Our goal is to ensure occupational health and safety , by disposing and managing waste in a modernized way.


a) As an employer, we will take the necessary precautions to protect the health and safety of our employees, supply necessary tools, training, education, health monitoring and supervision.

b) As employees, we have duty to use the measures provided by the employer and are responsible for following rules..


Principle V

We will guarantee the quality of our product, while using  waste.


a) We will ensure that our product quality  in line with specifications.

b) All the control methods and standards we apply to our operations without the use of waste , will also be applied to the use of waste  operations.


Principle VI

Our goal is to comply with all regulations regarding waste usage and adopt the best practices, within the scope of laws and ethical values.


a) We will obtain  all necessary permits in line with the regulations.

b) We will strive to adopt the best practices, within the scope of laws and ethical values.

Principle VII

Our goal is to monitor inputs, , process, products and emissions. .


a) We will only accept waste that is in line with our waste-acceptance criteria.

b) We will feed waste at the appropriate introduction points.

c) We will measure and monitor our  emissions with respect to regulations.

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