Alternative Fuel & Raw Material Strategy

The alternative fuel that is used in the manufacturing of cement promotes recycling energy through waste, while using alternative raw materials ensures protection of nonrenewable natural resources through material recycling.

We aim to reduce our dependency on natural resources and fossil fuels by converting alternative fuels and alternative raw materials into resources, for all our manufacturing processes. Meanwhile, we create social value by decreasing the need for municipal landfills and burning waste in incinerators, as well as creating jobs for collecting and pre-processing waste.

We aim to increase our utilization of alternative fuels and alternative raw materials consistently in order to make cement production more environment friendly, as well as economically and socially viable.

In order to reach our goals;

  • In addition to hazardous or non-hazardous industrial alternative fuels, we continue to work on utilizing RDF (refused derived fuel from domestic waste that will be produced by mechanical and biological pre-processing facilities once built) that will be derived from the solid waste that is produced by metropolitan municipalities where our plants exist, in our kilns. We keep in contact with metropolitan municipalities, by the T.R. Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

We use alternative raw materials that are sourced by other industry factories in our cement plants, within the scope of industrial symbiosis.  We are developing our relations with other industrial institutions, in order to make our sustainability permanent.

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