Çimsa opened the Formula Center, the first R&D Center of Turkey‘s Cement Industry


Çimsa, a subsidiary of Sabanci Holding that has pioneered Turkey’s cement industry with its innovative vision and exemplary applications, broke another new ground in its sector upon the official registration of its R&D center established in Mersin in 2000, now called the Formula Center, by Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

Throughout 45 years of operation, Çimsa has continued its efforts aiming at guiding the trends and dynamics of the cement and construction industry in full speed through the principle of investing in innovation to develop applications for different high value added products that meet special needs. Çimsa contributes to the improvement of life quality and environment through its products and services, embracing innovation as a strategic means of competition superiority.

In the press conference that took place in Çimsa’s R&D Center – the Formula Center, Nevra Özhatay, General Manager of Çimsa, pointed out that the major factor sustaining the strong position of the company in the industry is the importance given to R&D activities: “Every actor of the market must catch up with technological trends and be a part of innovative solutions at all times to ensure a sustainable growth under global conditions. We bring life to cement, a unifying and strong product. During the process, we go beyond being a mere industrialist and add value to our country. The primary factor distinguishing Çimsa from its competitors is the resources dedicated to and investments made in research, questioning, improvement, innovation and change. In our R&D center – the Formula Center, which was established in Mersin in 2000 and was officially registered upon inspection of the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology on 28 February 2017, we continue our work to develop brand new and useful products based on the demands and expectations of the markets in which we operate.

Önder Kırca, Çimsa Vice General Manager of R&D, Innovation and Business Development, emphasized that Çimsa is a global brand with its white cement and special products resulting from the efforts in the Formula Center: “In addition to being the first white cement producer of Turkey, we expand our portfolio and offer innovative approaches to the industry with our special products enhanced in the Formula Center such as Calcium Aluminate Cement, Self-Cleaning Cement and Antibacterial Cement.” and added “Through our first of its kind in Turkey R&D center – the Formula Center, we provide continuous service to our customers in domestic and abroad. In our center, we create value that will play a role in the growth of the cement industry, through development programs, sales support services and lab support for new products which have high value added and make a difference for end-users. We use the information obtained through customer studies to develop further customer-centric products and to improve our cement production process, accordingly. At Çimsa, we will continue to keep abreast of technological developments and lead the industry with our innovative solutions”.

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