A meaningful contribution from Çimsa to the history of culture and art of Turkey...

The 5 thousand years old history of Foça published as a book

The 5 thousand years old history of Foça, which is includedin the World Cultural Heritage Tentative List of United Nations (UN) Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) and which has traces from Ionian, Byzantine, Genoese and Ottoman periods, was immortalized in the book "The History of Phokaia" written by Ahmet Vasfi Pekin with thecontributions of Çimsa.

The book "The History of Phokaia", which tells the 5 thousand years old heritage of tourism paradise Foça - located at about 70 km north of İzmir in Aegean Region and continues to bearmarks of Ionians from Ancient Age to present - was published with the signature of Ahmet Vasfi Pekin.

This book, which was compiled with researches carried outat the archives of many institutions, primarily Municipality of Foça, and on many books, consists of 168 pages and contains 50 special photographs related with history of Foça. The book was completed with the contributions of Çimsa, which continues its support to studies creating value in the field of culture-arts. In his book "The History of Phokaia", the author Ahmet Vasfi Pekin discussed the important developments in the geography of the city and the historical changes he witnessed, and told the story of the city from its establishment to present with a striking language.

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