Çimsa CEM II / A-M (P-L) 42,5 N - Portland Composite Cement

TS EN 197-1:2012
  • As per TS EN 197-1 standard, it is in the blended cement class it contains both natural pozzolana trass and also calcerous. Due to this mineral blend it has, its long-term strength is high, water requirement is low and has a higher strength compared to portland cement.
  • The fine filling material it contains tightens the mikropores within the concrete and increases the imperviousness. In its own class, it is in the cement group with high final strength.
  • It increases quantity in building chemical productions thanks to its low density and contributes in processability in ready-mixed concrete productions. With the trass content it ensures long-term strength.
  • Bulk: Eskişehir
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