Stakeholder Engagement Policy

At Çimsa, as a result of the responsibility we feel toward the most important part of our value chain; our stakeholders, we facilitate transparent and constructive communication through using effective mechanisms.

Çimsa's stakeholder chain consists of; its employees, investors, customers, the public opinion, suppliers, subcontractors, public institutes, academic institutes, Sabancı Group Companies, financial institutions, non-governmental organizations, industrial organizations-professional organizations and other institutions and individuals that might be affected by our activities and those that can affect our activities.

Stakeholder engagement is a process that ensures constant sharing of information and exchange of views on Çimsa's activities. In this process, as our stakeholders present their views and priorities to Çimsa's agenda, Çimsa evaluates and manages the potential risks and opportunities on behalf of its stakeholders.

Stakeholder engagement can be facilitated at local, national and international levels as well as on topics like commerce, environmental management, human rights, occupational health and safety, operations, social and other issues. The stakeholder communications can take many forms and its timing varies, but the vast amount of communication evolves around daily commerce and service.

At this point, periodical activities that gather stakeholders, such as seminars and social activities; surveys that focus on individual evaluations of stakeholders and field trips that ensures efficient feedback from stakeholders are important steps of the stakeholder engagement plan that aims to enhance participation and are applied systematically.

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