Normal Screed

TS EN 206-1


  • It is a product designed for floor isolation, smoothness on leveling concrete and for special usages. It is produced in all our ready-mixed concrete facilities in accordance with projects.
  • In houses and mass housingin ceramic and parquet applications as leveling screed,in wall masonry works with bricks, aerated concrete, etc.,in prefabricated walls as filling,it can be used together with surface hardeners by applying mechanical polishing to the surface,using with polypropylene fibers where shrinkage crack risk is high is recommended.
  • Ease of processing,
  • In different finesses,
  • Within C 8/10-C 30/37 strength range,
  • Provides ease of use and savings in workmanship in all screed applications by means of pumping techniques used in worksites,minimizes material losses arising from screed preparation by conventional methods and ensures follow-up of screed amount spent,shortens the project time by saving time,eliminates impacts such as material stock and environment pollution that occur during normal screed production.

  • In all our ready-mixed concrete facilities
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