Çimsa C8-C100 (C8/10 and above)

TS EN 206-1


  • They are our normal concrete products complying with TS EN 206-1 standard in various consistencies and aggregate particle size. They are produced in accordance with the projects in all our ready-mixed concrete plants.
  • In all projects suitable for environmental impact classes defined in TS EN 206-1.
  • Strength class within C8-C100 range,
  • Consistency Class  S1 - S5 , Largest Aggregate Particle Size: 5 mm, 16 mm and 22 mm.
  • Oven dry density between 2300-2450kg/m3 range
  • It has made the greatest contribution to the construction of earthquake-resistant buildings as its Production, Quality and Application processes are manageable and it has also brought quite much ease to the sector with its technological infrastructure.

  • In all our ready-mixed concrete facilities
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