Çimsa Viskobeton

TS EN 206-1


It is a special concrete with many superiorities compared to standart concrete, produced in high viscosity without vibrator requirement. It is produced in all our ready-mixed concrete plant in accordance with the projects.


  • In all horizontal and vertical elements instead of standard concrete
  • In reinforcement projects,
  • In over-reinforced places,
  • For concrete casting at night in the city centers,
  • In cases where vibrators cannot be used,
  • In difficult and unreachable molds,
  • In concrete elements for which esthetic and architectural significance is attributed,


  • it is viscous,
  • it has high cohesion,
  • it does not need vibrator placement and compaction,
  • it settles and stiffens by itself,
  • it maintains stability without separation,
  • it is easily processed,
  • it facilitates surface smoothening processes,
  • it is easily pumped,
  • it has adequate processing time without losing consistency,
  • it passes through the accessories rapidly,
  • it helps providing a smooth surface without any gaps.

Concrete with high durability

  • Providing superior durability thanks to its low porousness, viskobeton displays significant increase, shrinkage and creeping not different from normal concrete, and high durability against external factors.

Eco-friendly economic concrete

  • thanks to its self-settlement feature, since viskobeton does not require vibrator use, it saves workmanship, prevents mold wear, allows noiseless concrete casting in city centers and residential areas.

  • In all our ready-mixed concrete facilities
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