Çimsa Uyubet

TS EN 206-1


It is a special product made for critical building materials which does not lose consistency for a long time in particular cases such as long distances and slow castings and in hot weathers. It is produced in all our ready-mixed concrete facilities in accordance with projects.

  • in long distance concretes,
  • in hot weathers,
  • in important buildings where hydration is required in the,
  • concrete (mass concrete),
  • in slow concrete castings due to the building,
  • in productions where surface finishing process takes a long time
  • Consistency loss is much slower compared to normal concrete and can be carried to long distances,
  • Provides easier processing under high temperatures,
  • Casting process time is longer than that of normal concrete,
  • Ease of concrete surface finishing,
  • Ensures controlled casting in long distances without compromising from quality and concrete standards.

  • In all our ready-mixed concrete facilities
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