Çimsa Fiberbeton

TS EN 206-1


It is a special concrete produced by using polypropylene fibers and is durable against fresh concrete cracks. It is produced in all our ready-mixed concrete facilities in accordance with projects.

  • in floor concretes
  • in screed and protective concretes
  • in field concretes
  • in plant floors,
  • in storage areas
  • in shotcretes
  • in impervious concretes as it decreases plastic shrinkage cracks when fresh
  • it has a long service life as it is dependable against plastic shrinkage cracks,
  • resistant against dusting,
  • increases strength of edges and corners,
  • decreases breaks that occur during demoulding,
  • increases resistance of concrete against freezing and unfreezing,
  • increases corrosion of fresh concrete and prevents decomposition.
  • Takes deformations under control that may occur when the concrete is fresh,has long service life and is economical.

  • in all our ready-mixed concrete facilities
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