Çimsa Drabeton

TS EN 206-1


It is a concrete type produced by using steel wires and its tensile strength is higher than standard concrete. It is produced in all our ready-mixed concrete facilities in accordance with projects.

  • in floor concretes
  • in screed and protective concretes
  • in field concretes
  • in plant floors
  • in car parking areas
  • in gas stations
  • in concrete roads
  • in storage areas
  • in floor concretes without joints
  • in cold storage floors
  • in floor screeds
  • in topping concretes
  • in port coverings
  • in shipyards

  • It is practical, economic and has long service lifePlacing reinforcement correctly is practically difficult in matting steel applicationsin Drabeton applications steel wire reinforcement is equally distributed in all directions,it increases energy absorbing capacity of floor concrete and ensures crack control thanks to the distribution of steel reinforcement across all section, shows high resistance against dynamic loadings and shock impacts, thus extends the floor's life and increases durability of concrete.
  • According to applications of matting steel, it saves time, decreases floor thickness and decreases total costs,it shortens construction time and saves workmanship, additionally, it saves manpower in design, drawing, measuring, cutting, welding, stocking, placing and auditing stages compared to conventional reinforcement,

  • in all our ready-mixed concrete facilities
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