Çimsa CEM II / A-V 42,5 R - Portland Fly Ash Cement

TS EN 197-1:2012
  • It is a blended cement obtained by using separate fly ash that increases processability and highly pure calcerous. Since the initial strength is high, It is suitable for general use. It is preferred in the hot weather concrete casting. Its processability is better compared to portland cement; thanks to its pozzolanic fly ash content, it is featured with long-term resistance and has a high dependability.
  • It reduces the water requirements occurring within the concrete. The fine filling material it contains tightens the mikropores within the concrete and increases the imperviousness. In its own class, it is in the cement group with high early and final strength.
  • It increases quantity in building chemical productions thanks to its low density and contributes in processability in ready-mixed concrete productions. With the pozzolanic property arising from fly ash it ensures long-term strength.
  • Bulk: Mersin
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