Çimsa CEM II / A-M (P-L) 42,5 R - Portland Composite Cement

TS EN 197-1:2012
  • As per TS EN 197-1 standard, it is in the blended cement class and has a wide application area. Specifically it is preferred in the hot weather concrete casting. It has a higher processability than portland cement and is suitable for general use.
  • The fine filling material it contains tightens the mikropores within the concrete and increases the imperviousness. In its own class, it is in the cement group with high early and final strength.
  • It increases quantity in building chemical productions thanks to its low density and contributes in processability in ready-mixed concrete productions. With the trass content it ensures long-term strength.
  • Bag: Kayseri, Niğde
  • Bulk: Kayseri, Niğde
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