Çimsa CEM I 52,5 N - Portland Cement

TS EN 197-1:2012

It is a type of cement obtained by grounding the Portland cement clinker together with some amount of gypsum (CaSO4:2H2O).

It is used in all types of reinforced concrete buildings.


  • Concretes with high strength,
  • Reinforced concrete productions with thin-section,
  • Reinforced concrete buildings with speciality,
  • High reinforced concrete buildings,
  • Building strengthening works,
  • Bridges, viaducts,
  • Silos and water tanks,
  • Road pavements and runway,
  • Buildings made by using slip formwork / tunnel formwork system,
  • Early strength reinforced concrete productions

Used in industrial productions.


  • Gas concrete production,,
  • Tile and ceramic adhesive,
  • Prefabricated, prestressed productions,
  • Railroad prestressed reinforced concrete traverses,
  • Prefabricated reinforced concrete building elements,
  • Prefabricated reinforced concrete production of lighting and energy transmission line poles,
  • Concrete pipe productions, Curbstone productions.



  • Provides High early and final strength.
  • It offers high early and final strength in ready-mixed concrete production. Allows production with the high hydration heat it has under cold weathersAlso, it ensures superior performance in prestressed concrete.
  • Bulk: Afyon
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