Cement R&D Center

Turkey's first and only Cement Research and Application Center approved by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology: Formülhane (The Formula Center)

Continuous Innovation, Continuous Support

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of special cements, we provide our services in accordance with the international standards in innovation and customer support. Technical support and continuous development benefits have been provided to our local and international customers continuously since the year 2000 and onwards by Formülhane, the first and only Cement Research and Application Center approved by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology founded in oıur Mersin factory.

The Formülhane, which enholds high knowledge and skills in both cement products and in every field cement is used in has two basic functions.

Its first basic function is to create profitable and original product development programs that will create a difference in the cement industry and for the end users; and to finalize these works to create a final product together with the production, marketing, and quality departments. The second main function area is the sales supporting services. Formülhane provides laboratory services to all customers who are using Çimsa cement products both locally and internationally and also helps to improve their production by visiting their plants in person. In this field, appliers are also enlightened on Çimsa products and and new usage fields are developed too.

New Product Development Activities

The new product development activities of Formülhane are built on two separate foundations. Çimsa's primary goal is to increase the prestige of the brand globally and also add products with high profitability to its product portfolio by developing globally leading cement types. Within the framework of these works, we have launched Isıdaç40, Turkey's first calcium aluminate cement brand with the concept of “Çimsa: the name of the Formula”, under the name Çimsa Aluminates with the same features but a new face. RECIPRO, exclusively developed for construction chemicals implementation under Çimsa Aluminates family; REFRO, exclusively developed for refractor implementation; RESISTO, exclusively developed for technical concrete applications; and REGO, a calcium aluminate cement aggregate suitable for general use. The world's strongest white cement brand, Çimsa Super White, is positioned as a parent brand to take place in prescriptions requiring a high level of whiteness. Under the Çimsa Super White family, MOTIVA is specially designed for construction chemical implementation; INSPIRA, for precast implementation from a completely special clinker; and MONDA, which is also exclusively produced from special clinker for tile implementation. For GRC implementations, high durability and whiteness can be achieved at the same time with EXTERA. We create value for our business partners with NONA, which is developed for general use and self-air cleaning, and CEMENTHA, with its antibacterial properties. We provide cost advantages with less cement dosage to users with BEYSADE, produced with Çimsa Super White cement with high durability and developed for gross concrete implementation of public and private projects within Turkey by following global trends. Thanks to its high early strength in implementations requiring speed, we offer the opportunity to produce value added products to end users by reducing downtime and curing time.

Customer Support Activities

Within the framework of its sales supporting activities, the duties of the Formülhane include;   Planning and carrying out visits to the users of white cement and special products, grey cement, and the Çimsa Aluminates Isıdaç 40 family in the aim of informing and enlightening them on the products, and developing  joint projects with national and international customers.

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