ÇİMSA IZO POWER 42,5 Portland Slag Cement

Thanks to the up to 20% blast furnace slag content, the slag cement has the advantage of producing lower heat of hydration compared to the Portland cement, particularly for mass concretes and applications in hot weathers. The product features higher resistance to environmental impactsfor the concrete to be produced in the construction works of industrial grounds, dams and water channels, as well as coastal and port structures. The product offers impermeability and long-term durability by reducing the micro pores in the concrete. The product features high early strength and continues to gain more strength in the long term. The product features sustainability for its lower GHG emissions than the Portland cement.
Technical Data Sheets
Safety Data Sheets
Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
High Durability
Helps to Prevent Cracks
Portland Cüruflu Çimento
Low Carbon Footprint
Portland Cüruflu Çimento