Çimsa Master Power – Portland Composite Cement

Çimsa Portland Composite Cement is a CEM II/C-M 32.5 R class Portland type cement that contains 36-50% fly ash and limestone. It has improved features that are beneficial for a wide range of mortar, plaster, and screed applications. It reduces the risk of cracking with its low hydration heat thanks to the inclusion of fine fillers. It is safe against cracking in screed concretes due to its low shrinkage property, and it is also resistant to moisture in exterior plaster. It is ideal for projects near the sea. It contains ground limestone to provide a more sustainable cement along with improved performance properties. It benefits the environment and sustainability through improved energy efficiency and continuous improvement in the areas of environmental protection and sustainability.
Technical Data Sheets
Safety Data Sheets
Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
Low Carbon Footprint
Helps Prevent Crack Formation
Portland Kalkerli Çimento
Optimize Setting Time
Portland Kalkerli Çimento