The Name Of The Formula: Çimsa

Çimsa, with its R&D power setting example in the sector, maintains its global leading brand status with special products including white cement and calcium aluminates along with gray cement products.

Çimsa General Manager Nevra Özhatay states, “With innovation, we aim to rediscover the cement as the raw material of aesthetic and sustainability while foreseeing expectations and Çimsa’s needs, to lead the market trends and dynamics.”

Çimsa is one of the leading cement and building materials producers in the world and also in TURKEY. Çimsa’s new, innovative and unique approach lies behind success today. Çimsa since 2000, has been developing value-added special products for high and specific needs in Turkey's first and only Cement Research and Implementation Center. Çimsa General Manager Nevra Özhatay commented, "With our innovative approach; if an innovation is made in the cement industry- it’s made by Çimsa!” Therefore the name of the formula is ‘Çimsa’.

Çimsa sets examples and leads the industry with its innovations

Delivering a speech in “The name of the formula: Çimsa event” launch meeting, President of Sabancı Holding Industry Group Mehmet Hacıkamiloğlu said, “Çimsa today is exports to more than 60 countries, its products are used in building the future all around the world. Çimsa sets example in the cement and construction industry with its many innovations. It puts into use the optional convertible gray / white clinker production line for the first time in the world in 1990. Putting the new white clinker line into service with a capacity of 600 thousand tons in 2000, ÇİMSA MERSİN PLANT became the world’s largest white cement plant having maximum capacity under a single roof.

Also same year, the first Cement Research and Implementation Center was established in Turkey.  In 2002, for the first time in Turkey the center started to produce calcium aluminate cement. It became the largest producer of ready-mixed concrete industry in 2008 on the basis of the number of facilities in Turkey. Çimsa, has maintained its sustainable growth, not only in operational terms but also with its environmentalist approach and sustainability-oriented investments. We believe that with two investments, which are in today's agenda, ÇİMSA will rise to the top in the world and Turkey.”

The values which makes ÇİMSA the ‘Name of the Formula’

Çimsa General Manager Nevra Özhatay stated that “What separates Çimsa from its competitors in the sector is that it makes investments to meet the product expectation and service standards of each customer. In the last 15-20 years, innovation has always been a priority for us. With our work in the Cement Research and Implementation Center, we aim to rediscover the cement as the raw material of aesthetic and sustainability while foreseeing expectations and needs, to lead the market trends and dynamics. With innovation, we contribute to improve the quality of life and environment while adopting it as a strategic tool to create our own competitive edge.”

General Manager Nevra Özhatay explained the values which made ÇİMSA “The Name of the Formula” as 'Performance, Variety, Creating Solutions, 24/7, R & D and Sustainability'.

“Each passing day, by adding new formulas to the experience that we have gained as a young company of 44 year-old, we offer our customers high-performance products. We owe our performance to our expert team in the field, our knowledge and attentive controls at every stage of our production-supply chain. According to the needs of our business partners, with our solution portfolio, we offer added-value to their products and enable them to have a competitive edge. Time is a valuable resource that we have to take advantage of…. We would like to make sure that our customers receive every orders at the right time and in the right place. On the other hand,   Çimsa Research and Application Center is the fundamental basis of our high performance and our extensive product portfolio. Sustainability is also a significant investment area that we place great importance. We strive to be the reference company in sustainability.  We aim to make this policy a part of our corporate culture. "

Nevra Özhatay said, "That is the formula, the name of the formula is Çimsa. Of course, this formula is valid until we come up with the next best formula..."

A new era begins in ÇİMSA with “the Name of the Formula”

Today Çimsa is able to develop special products   such as white cement, calcium aluminate cement, as well as gray cement and it is one of the world's leading cement producers. With its extensive production and distribution network, Çimsa is the global leader in White Cement trade.

Çimsa White Cement and special products Vice General Manager Ülkü Özcan delivered a speech at the 'Name of the formula: Çimsa' launch and said, "As Çimsa, we have always introduced special products to the industry. We have searched the ways to build tomorrow without losing our energy and our enthusiasm while continuing to seek the different and special products. As a result of our long-term work, with ‘the Name of the Formula’ we start our journey to build our future leading from conventional products to innovative solutions. ‘The Name of the Formula’ is a very dynamic and flexible structure offering our business partners, solutions that have been meticulously formulated and that consist of segment-specific performances focusing on the needs of each sector, rather than product portfolios consisting of a single product; making your prescriptions more flexible and offering you a wide playing area. Under the roof of “The name of the Formula”, we have reflected our innovative approach and have created a unique visual language. This visual language will be at the forefront in every communication tool from brochures to bags, up to our web-site and social media pages, communicating our products in a short and concise way. You can contact our sales and R & D team to try our products and test the benefits to be brought to your prescriptions. You can also get further information on and “formülün adı” social media accounts.

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