Union and Industrial Relations

Union (ÇEİS) member Çimsa's blue collar personnel is a member of ÇİMSE-İŞ Trade Union. At this point, particularly in factories, managing the relations with blue collars at union dimension gains importance. In this context, effective communication with worksite trade union representatives and successful dialog processes with the field teams have great importance among human resources applications. Human resources approaches for the blue collars whose demands and expectations are differentiated can only be possible through successful handling of trade union relations. On the other hand, the sub-employer company's staff which has quite an intense employment area also increases the importance of handling industrial relations properly. In subjects for which Çimsa receives support from sub-employers that assist it in works where Çimsa is the main employer, effective management of industrial relations within the scope of joint responsibilities is very important in terms of risk and operational excellence. Follow-up of labor agreement management of white collar (non-union) personnel and realization of company applications in accordance with regulations and procedures are also handled under the industrial relations.

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