Training and Development Opportunities

The purpose of Çimsa development studies is to determine the areas which have to be improved in terms of competency, knowledge and skill and to develop these areas to increase employees' and Çimsa's performance and make it sustainable. Çimsa's development process is handled holistically and it offers different development opportunities including trainings in accordance with the needs and abilities of the employees. Development activities extending from rotations to project works, from different experience opportunities to trainings are determined, actualized and followed up after a process in which employees are actively involved by the direction of many factors such as Çimsa strategies, individual qualities of the employee and performance management system outputs. Training and development programs are planned within the frame of the annual Development Plans.  
Cement Academy studies that have emerged in accordance with technical development requirements, Foreign Language Support Application to improve foreign language levels of employees, technical trips and trainings for learning best practices in Turkey and in the world constitute a significant part of development works carried out in Çimsa. 
Coaching systems, refreshment trainings and different training solutions are offered for the continuity of the improvement which is provided by training and development programs and for turning the knowledge, skills and competencies achieved into features of knowledge, skill and behavior that may be used throughout life.

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