Performance Management

Individual Performance Management System in Çimsa is a human resources module covering white collars (non-union) and designed in accordance with the targets  and management principles. In addition to the business targets reduced to all positions concurrently with the determination of the company and senior management targets at the beginning of each year, there is also a performance management process at Çimsa composed of competency targets special to the position. Therefore, it is in the form of a holistic process in which individual performance business and competency targets are executed in concert and in parallel. Planning stage realized in the first quarter of the year is followed by the interim review period in the midyear, and the period-end assessment is held in December by which the performance management process for the year is completed. All employees are expected to actively participate and contribute in all stages and the results of the process is clearly shared with the employees.

An objective evaluation of the employees within the scope of certain targets is ensured thanks to the Individual Performance management System, and contribution is made in organizational climate, mutual trust and internal communication through negotiations between managers and employees. Performance management system also provides drastic inputs and contributions to processes such as salary system in human resources, career, development and training.

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