Compensation and Benefits System

Total award management in Çimsa is evaluated as a combination of salaries plus vested benefits management and awarding processes. Placing salary and vested benefits structure on the top of a job family model, Çimsa makes this placement over a more objective level and grade structure of job family instead of factors such as title, position or seniority. In this context, job evaluation is performed methodologically by taking each position's work definition and place in the organization into consideration to determine the job family level and grade. Determination/assignment of the salary and vested benefits policy for each grade is carried out by considering market values, internal balances and company targets. Çimsa has a salary and vested benefits policy that supports competitive, equitable and high performance culture. Awarding process, on the other hand, aims to award the company personnel who shows significant success on the basis of work results or projects by passing them through certain approval mechanisms within the year and thus to increase their motivation.

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