Çimsa Applications

Works of “Learning Organization Implementation Teams” were started in 2004 to make team works, which have been maintained uninterruptedly since the establishment of Çimsa, in subjects such as cost reduction, increase in efficiency, savings, environment, occupational health and safety, and social responsibility more systematic, more human-oriented and more meaningful for the employees.

These works, which have reached more and more employees in time, have become one of the cultural transformation means as they have coincided with the management culture, the work climate required to be created and the approach used in the implementation teams as well as its basic assumptions which may be qualified as a milestone in the implementation journey of the learning organization since 2007.

Learning Organization concept was developed by Dr. Peter Senge and written on all its parts in his book titled "The Fifth Discipline - 5th Discipline" published in 1990. The works which have been carried on within the frame of these five disciplines ensure self development of employees by encouraging continuous improvement, development and learning which are the most important factors affecting today's business world and companies. With the works it carried out in the learning organization implementations and the continuity it has achieved, Çimsa took its place as a model in the different domestic and international conferences and sessions.

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