How is the hiring process at Çimsa?

While determining our associates with whom we will build the future together, our aim as Çimsa is to ensure conformance of company requirements to the qualifications of candidates as to contribute in the high performance culture. We trust that a long lasting, effective and efficient work life will develop accordingly. The basic characteristics we look for in all candidates are will to succeed, aptitude for team working, and customer-oriented approach. Foreign language, experience and educational background vary according to the positions. 
Applications filed electronically are evaluated in accordance with the open positions and a first interview is performed if the qualifications in the CV of the candidate meet the requirements for the position. Technical interviews to allow the candidates have an idea on their work environment are held in relevant locations. Evaluation process is supported by interviewing on the basis of competency, personality inventories and foreign language assessments. Our fundamental criteria in hiring process is an objective and systematic approach.

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