Yaz Çocukları

In line with its understanding of corporate social responsibility, Çimsa gives priority to education and children's projects.

Çimsa gives priority to support educational projects for children within the framework of corporate social responsibility projects. With its “Yaz Çocukları” corporate social responsibility project, Çimsa aims to support the children in the field of education, which is one of the most important issues of our country.

To fulfill this objective, the corporate social responsibility project “Yaz Çocukları” was put into practice in Çimsa Niğde Plant, in 2011. The project aims to support children's emotional, cognitive, social and physical development. While only the children of Niğde Plant employees could attend the “Yaz Çocukları” project in 2011; in the following years, the children living in neighboring villages of Niğde also participated in the project. “Yaz Çocukları” project was transferred to Mersin in 2016 and to Kayseri in 2018.

Within the scope of the project, children aged between 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12 are grouped separately and special two-week training is provided for each age group. “Yaz Çocukları” project, which has been carried out since 2011, continues as a sustainable corporate social responsibility project for children's education.

Çimsa, Yaz Çocukları projesi ile 8 yılda 863 çocuğa ulaştı.

Çimsa aims to contribute to the society with “Yaz Çocukları” project, which will turn into a big social responsibility project supporting the mental and physical development of hundreds of children, with different type of cooperation in different cities.

The project is performed with at least one psychologist, three drama trainers and three sports trainers each semester. Thanks to the cooperation with the Department of Children's University, Continuing Education Center at Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University, a new horizon is offered for children each year. In our "Global Climate Change and Our Individual Behavior" training, students are informed of what needs to be done to reduce the reasons for climate change and its impacts. In the "Recycling" training, the children learn how to utilize waste with the toys they make by using recyclable papers, cardboards and plastic materials. They will also obtain information about the ecosystem by observing the flamingos in the reservoir of migrating birds at Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University. The children who receive basic education in chemistry laboratory, faculty of agriculture, department of foreign languages, and arts school are provided with the information on the importance of education and the role of universities in education.

Each year a cooperation with a non-governmental organization is made within the scope of the project.

Çimsa aims to create more development areas for children, by cooperating with one non-govermental organization every year within the scope of the project. With the support of Environmental Protection and Packaging Waste Utilization Foundation Çevko, the children met the environmentalist cat "Çevki" in the “Yaz Çocukları” festival and children's books of Çevko were given to the children following the event. As a result of the collaboration of Çimsa with Finansal Okuryazarlık ve Erişim Derneği FODER, trainers from FODER gave financial literacy training to “Yaz Çocukları”.

Çimsa always supports permanent and different social responsibility activities that create value for society.

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