What is aggregate? What are the properties of aggregate?


Aggregate is the name given to pieces of inorganic material with various mineral structures, such as sand, gravel and crushed rock that is then combined with water and cement to make concrete, mortar, etc. Approximately 75% of the volume of a cement system consists of aggregate. Aggregates are cheap ingredients in the creation of a […]

What is an EPD? What are the Advantages of an Environmental Product Declaration? 


In terms of development and consumer behavior, sustainability is an important metric for mitigating the effects of global climate change and reducing the impact businesses have on the environment. An Environmental Product Declaration is known as an EPD.  Environmental Product Declarations are documents that quantitatively evaluate and declare the environmental performance of a product or […]

Advantages of Prefabricated Manufacturing and Using White Cement


Using white cement in prefabricated manufacturing provides early strength far greater than that possible with grey cements due to the superior strength characteristics of white cement. This is why it is preferred by pre-cast manufacturers. It is also the reason that white cement is preferred in historic structures, custom decorative applications, and cladding. The use […]

Concrete Road Construction with Calcium Aluminate Cement


In a previous article, we provided information about how the high performance of calcium aluminate cement is used in various construction chemical applications. In this article, we discuss for you how roads are increasingly constructed using calcium aluminate cements, what the application advantages are and key considerations. How to Construct Concrete Roads with Calcium Aluminate […]

Calcium Aluminate Cement: Key Considerations


Calcium aluminate cement (CAC) is obtained by sintering a mixture of calcareous and alumina materials in the proper ratios and then grinding the resulting product to a fine powder. Compared to Portland cements (OPC), the annual production of calcium aluminate cement is quite small. However, when the performance is compared to that of Portland cements, […]

The Benefits of Using White Cement in the Manufacture of Aerated Concrete – II


The production of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is growing rapidly because it is fire resistant, lightweight and a better insulator.  In a previous article, we discussed in detail the areas where aerated concrete can be used and how it is preferred because it is so much lighter than traditional concrete. We also touched on the […]

The Benefits of Using White Cement in the Manufacture of  Aerated Concrete- I


The use of light materials like autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) has spread rapidly throughout the construction sector. Growth and advances in the building sector have made the use of light materials in new buildings more widespread. Light construction materials significantly reduce building load. The use of lightweight building materials can also provide savings in terms […]

Cement Tile Manufacturing: What are the Advantages of White Cement?


Cement tiles are a special concrete product in different colors and designs with special workmanship.  Unique decorative applications are achieved by using white cement, fine aggregate, marble powder, marble pieces and pigments in the production of cement tiles.  White cement plays an important role in the manufacture of cement tiles. White cement is a product […]

Calcium Aluminate Cement: Everything You Need to Know!


Calcium aluminate cements are a special class of strong, high-performance heat-resistant cements. Calcium aluminate cements (CAC) have different chemical, physical and mineralogical properties than those of Portland cements (OPC).  The primary raw ingredients of Portland cement are limestone and clay. The primary oxides derived from the raw materials are CaO and SiO2.  In the production […]

What is White Cement? Everything You Need to Know!


White cement is an aesthetic, strong and durable cement.  Because of its aesthetic appearance, it is especially preferred in areas such as decorative applications, repair and restoration. This article is a compilation that we have put together about where white cement gets its name, the raw materials it contains, how it is different from other […]