Çimsa is proud of its Blue Helmets


One of the leading cement and construction materials producers in Turkey, Çimsa has won the first and second prize in this year’s Blue Helmet Occupational Safety Competition. Saying “Work Safety First” in each platform, Çimsa’s sensitive approach to this issue was appreciated once again.

In order to inform ready-mixed concrete plants of Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association in terms of occupational health and safety, raise awareness, encourage and evaluate the efficiency of the plants, Çimsa was awarded with its Silifke and Çukurhisar plants in Blue Helmet Occupational Safety Contest that was held for the third time.

Çimsa’s awards were given to the manager of Çimsa Silifke Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant, Gökhan Tüzen who got the first place and the manager of Çimsa Çukurhisar Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant, Serdar Corgallı who got the second place in the award ceremony.

Chairman of the Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association Yavuz Işık invited all ready-mixed concrete companies to open their plants for inspection. Işık, “All ready-mixed concrete plants, which all are members of our Association, produce according to the EU standards. Moreover, our members completely fulfil the technical, environmental, occupational health - worker safety, legal and ethical criteria.  With this competition that we have prepared the third this year, we want to raise awareness on the occupational safety issue and draw attention to it.”

Özhatay: “Occupational Health and Safety is an important part of our sustainability approach...”

In her reviews on the issue, General Manager of Çimsa Mrs. Nevra Özhatay emphasized that they have adopted the “Work Safety First” approach as a company and they consider this as the major condition regarding the respect to the people and working environment. Özhatay stated, “In Çimsa, we pay special attention to our works on Occupational Health and Safety with the awareness that we are a member of a sector where occupational accidents occur. We accept this as an integral part of the sustainability approach we adopt. As a result of the intensive infrastructure, certification and work towards implementation, training and measures taken, today Çimsa is a company that is able to largely overcome the accident frequency rate in all areas of activity. We are extremely proud of this. All the awards won by our ready-mixed concrete plants in the Blue Helmet Competition show our success.”

Having the largest ready-mixed concrete plant network in the ready-mixed concrete sector, Çimsa attended the first Blue Helmet contest in 2010 with its 2 plants and won the first place with İnegöl Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant and the second place with Zeytinli Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant. In 2013, Tece Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant became the first, Aksaray Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant became the second and Misis Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant became the third one in the contest.

Çimsa offers applications developed with the customer-oriented approach in ready-mixed concrete and product diversity to its costumers. Beginning the production in 1988 with Zeytinli Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant in Adana, Çimsa has 28 ready-mixed concrete plants in the cities of Adana, Mersin, Kayseri, Osmaniye, Kahramanmaraş, Nevşehir, Aksaray, Karaman, Konya, Bursa, Bilecik, Eskişehir, Kütahya, Denizli, Afyon and Sakarya.

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