International Environmental Product Approval for Çimsa


Super White Cement and Calcium Aluminate Cement, exported by Çimsa to more than 60 countries in the world, have been the first special cements to receive Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) in Turkey.

Among the leading companies of the cement industry in Turkey, Çimsa received international approval for the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certificates, assessing and declaring the product's environmental performance quantitatively, for Çimsa Super White Cement and Calcium Aluminate Cement (ISIDAÇ 40) products. Both certificates are issued by the EPD program operator IBU (InstitutBauen und Umwelte.V.) operating in Germany, and posted on the website of the enterprise.

Thus, Çimsa brought into the Turkish cement industry a certificate owned by limited number of companies in the world with this approval. In addition to this, Çimsa achieved an elating success as the first Turkish company and the second company throughout Europe listed in the cement class of Eco-Platform established by the Construction Europe.

With these certifications, ISIDAÇ 40 has become the first EPD certified Calcium Aluminate Cement, and the Super White Cement has become the second EPD certified white cement in the world. EPD certificates meet the new CE sign set out in the European Construction Materials regulation and particularly allows for additional points as EPD certified construction products for green building certification systems such as LEED, BREEAM and DGNB at overseas. The construction product manufacturers can also display its environmental and sustainability sensitivity as a corporate responsibility through the declaration.

Çimsa General Manager Nevra Özhatay said, "With the approval of the certificates, we've once again proven our leading role in the cement industry. EPD certificates also show the sustainability approach we adopt in our products transparently by figures and allow all of our stakeholders to track them in regular periods. We believe, we will further strengthen our position both in the domestic and the global market with our EPD certified products, and we will avail our customers in their own processes. As one of the long established companies in Turkey that embodies the strongest social aspect, we have collected energy and water consumption values, raw material input, waste, and production data for ISO 14040/44 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) calculations of Çimsa products during the EPD certification process."

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