Çimsa Cement’s Major Investment to Eskişehir amount to 55 million dollars


One of Turkey’s leading cement and construction material manufacturers, Çimsa is preparing for white cement investment in its Eskişehir Plant. Today, Çimsa has announced its new $55 million investment decision.

Following its investment for a new cement plant with an annual 1,5 million tons of clinker capacity in Afyon, Çimsa has announced the second major investment for 2015. This $55 million USD of investment in Çimsa EskişehirPlant will begin in the last quarter of 2015.

Çimsa leads the Turkish cement and construction materials industry in terms of innovation with its special products such as white cement and calcium aluminate, in addition to grey cement. With the investment, expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2017, Çimsa EskişehirPlant’s 1st Kiln, which currently produces grey clinker, is planned to be modified to produce both grey and white clinker (convertible). Eskişehir Plant, currently having an annual 1,4 million tons of grey clinker production capacity, as a result of this investment in the 1st Kiln, will have white clinker production capacity of 415 thousand tons annually by ensuring grey or white clinker production flexibility depending on global market conditions. Consequently, in addition to the current Çimsa Mersin Plant’s white clinker production capacity, Çimsa Eskişehir Plant’s investment will increase Çimsa Cement’s total white clinker production capacity to 1 million 565 thousand tons annually.

Çimsa Cement General Manager Nevra Özhatay: “Çimsa is currently one of the leading companies in the world in terms of white cement and special products”

Çimsa Cement General Manager Nevra Özhataysaid, “In order to ensure sustainable growth at Çimsa Cement, we work with the aim of providing quick solutions, tailored for customers’ and employees’ needs, through products and services developed with our business partners in changing global market conditions. We steadily continue to make investments aiming to create benefit for our country, society and industry.”

Çimsa Cement General Manager Nevra Özhataysaid, “In addition to our grey cement and ready mixed concrete product range, we have improved our competency in special type cement and concrete products to top level. Çimsa is currently one of the leading companies in the world in terms of white cement and special products. Further to the white cement production in our Mersin Plant, we have decided to invest in our Çimsa EskişehirPlant as well. Exporting over 60 countries, we have the largest market share in international trade. We will consolidate our position with domestic and foreign investments.

Among the leading features that distinguish Çimsa from its competitors is the excellent and reliable performance of our products, as well as our capacity to diversify products to address special requirements of our customers. We, as Çimsa, feel responsible for improving the process and other contributions beyond our products in the production processes and the final performance of the products of our customers. Our R&D center located in Mersin Plant focuses on innovative solutions with production, quality assurance and R&D teams of our customers. Through our unique R&D center in Turkey, we offer distinctive, innovative solutions that add value to production processes and product performance of our customers.

In addition to this feature which distinguishes Çimsa in abroad, we are also well known for our business model in markets targeted for special products. Beyond producing in Turkey and exporting, we are also able to provide any product our customers want any time, with our foreign organization using our 7 terminals. In markets where we do not have terminal organization, we utilize the most effective logistics channels to deliver our products fully and in time.

In terms of domestic sales, most of our sales are conducted in Marmara, Aegean and Central Anatolian regions. We will be much closer to these markets and customers with our new investment.”

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