Sustainability at Çimsa

Çimsa's main goal is to take firm steps toward a future that is sustainable. As a major player of the cement industry, the main focus is on sustaining growth while retaining its competitive production power and creating added value in this regard, ensuring that sustainability is integrated to activities of all phases within the company. With the company's value chain in perspective; constant work is conducted for minimizing the social and environmental impact that the company's past, present and future activities caused and might cause in the future. Through the perspective that comes with the sustainability approach, the 6 capitals that are; financial, manufactured, intellectual, human, social and relationship, natural impact are balanced while it is also reflected upon the organizational structuring, work processes and products/services of the company.

The goals that are created as a part of sustainability management are linked to corporate responsibilities and related performance indicators are added into the monitoring systems. At this point, Çimsa creates value for related partners through adopting the operational priorities that are outlined below, in order to reach its goals.

  • Humanity is the central aspect of Çimsa's sustainability activities.  The employees hold the highest degree of importance and priority, knowing all operations are carried out for humanity and humans are the foundation of corporate success. Creating a management model that is based on communication and development, and a workplace that ensures occupational health and safety for employees and suppliers/subcontractors, who are a part of the company, is a basic goal. While development programs improve employees' competence, knowledge and skills, they also make it possible for all workers to partake in Çimsa's success of reaching its goals.
  • R&D and innovation processes are crucial for Çimsa's market-oriented efforts and customer satisfaction.  Çimsa aims achieve customer satisfaction through developing new products that will meet needs and expectations at the highest level.
  • Success that is based on economic performance is amongst Çimsa's priorities. With this perspective, Çimsa aims to integrate operational excellence to all its activities and sees financial management, capital management, product management, sourcing and logistics management as a means to create value.
  • Çimsa retains its presence in the cement industry via exemplary applications and a strong attitude, by making sure applicable management and audit principles cover the entire process of the company.  The company is in full accordance with the regulations, establishes environmental management system that is sensitive to climate change. In addition to that, while creating direct value for the country's economy, it also adds indirect value via its energy efficiency policy and energy recovery activities, considering that the Turkish economy depends largely on external energy sources. Through these efforts, efficiency is retained as a profit for the country's economy.


Çimsa's sustainability policy is to make sustainability a part of the corporate culture and to integrate it to the decision-making and execution processes of individuals, teams and stakeholders.

Sustainability at Çimsa is managed under the responsibility of the Sustainability Committee, which regularly gathers throughout the year under the leadership of the General Manager.

The Sustainability Committee is found in 2011;

  • Environment, Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials
  • Ready-Mixed Concrete
  • Human Resources,
  • Corporate Communications
  • Financial Affairs,
  • Purchasing and Logistics,
  • Sales,
  • Strategy and Business Development,
  • Sustainability and Process Control,

The committee's aim is while managing sustainability issues in line with the feedback acquired from related members, corporate performance, global and local trends; in the meantime, reaching the corporate goals.  The company's business model and the main goals that are determined based on the business model and the matrix of priorities are assessed throughout the year by the Sustainability Committee, and improvements are closely monitored. At Çimsa, performance indicators regarding sustainability is integrated into the monitoring systems and became an integral part of sustainability management.

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